Certified by the Ministry of Education for Single Data Returns, Unfunded International Providers (UIP) reporting and NSI REST and batch interfaces.


Educational Perfomance Indicators YTD are very accurate with ENROLpro. Reports include raw and summary data on Course and Qualification Completions, Retention and Progression rates as well as Participation (Maori, PI, U25).  


Complies with electronic reporting of Unit Standards and requests for National, NZDipBus Certificates and Diplomas. New Zealand Certificates can be printed directly from ENROLpro. Powerful reporting capabilities at your fingertips for those stressful EER audits.


Interface with Students Online System from Immigration New Zealand. The interface sends electronic requests directly to INZ for student visa renewal.  

Public Trust

Electronic interface with Public Trust to email student's data from ENROLpro. Contracts are then automatically sent to the user by Public Trust. An option to import payments from Public Trust in ENROLpro also available.


ENROLpro interfaces with the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool - LNAAT with options to Import assessment results in ENROLpro as well as Export student's data to LNAAT.


Students enrolled in Training for Work programmes (funded by rhe Ministry of Social Development) and their achievement and progress can be captured in ENROLpro.  

Study Link

Generate the Statement of Satisfactory Progress for Study Link with individual details for total EFTS enrolled and total EFTS achieved (Course Completion) for the student.


Why choose ENROLpro?

ENROLpro was developed in 1999 by Z&M numerics Ltd, as a result of the need for a user-friendly Student Management System able to respond to daily challenges faced by Tertiary Education Organisations in New Zealand. 

Our success of more than 16 years comes as a response to our dedication and passion for perfection. Our team has extensive experience in software development of client-server applications and web solutions. Through our Bureau Services we learn the challenges faced by New Zealand TEOs and find solutions within ENROLpro. Our system is constantly evolving.

ENROLpro is fully compliant with NZQA, MOE and TEC enrolment requirements and can assist any TEO with EER reporting needs.

The software is 100% developed in New Zealand for New Zealand TEOs. It has been certified by the Ministry of Education for SDR, UIP and NSI (both REST and batch interfaces). 

We work together with government and other agencies to assist TEOs with compliance reporting for:

  • SAC funded qualifications at levels 3 and above - SDR & NSI electronic reporting to TEC and the Ministry of Education
  • Unfunded International Providers - UIP with Export Education Levy calculations
  • Youth Guarantee - SDR & NSI electronic reporting to TEC and the Ministry of Education
  • SDR & NSI electronic reporting to TEC and the Ministry of Education
  • TFW - Training for work with the Ministry of Social Development
  • Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment tool - Import/Export
  • NZQA - ROA and electronic units and request for certificates
  • Immigration NZ - Electronic students on line for visa renewal
  • Study Link - Student satisfactory progress and course completion
  • Public Trust interface to comply with student fee protection
  • Employers and job placement
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Educational Performance Indicators & Statistics


With 15 modules to choose from connected to powerful web portals, ENROLpro is the right choice for any TEO. 

We work closely with TEOs to understand their requirements and propose customised solutions to their software needs. Talk to us about your immediate and future needs.


Latest News  

April 2017

New version 19.2 officially released. Login to the Registered Users section to download latest version.

March  2017

ENROLpro certified by MOE for 2017 SDRs.

February 2017

Another successful Hands On training completed in Auckland for SAC and UIP providers. Thank you for those attending.

October 2016

New version 18.5 released. Contact us for more details.

Register here for October webinars.

August 2016

UIP bureau service now certified by MOE. Contact us for more details.

Another successful hands on training session completed in Auckland for SAC, YG and UIP providers.  

July 2016

ENROLpro compliant with new NSI REST interface which will replace current XML interface to be discontinued by December 2016.

March 2016

ENROLpro is officially certified by MOE to provider Unfunded International Providers with the XML reporting of data for UIP. 

February 2016

Version 18 of  ENROLpro certified by the Ministry of Education for 2016 SDRs. Download the latest version from the Registered Users section.

January 2016

Enrolment and Pre-enrolment portals go live. 

April 2017

New version 19.2 officially released.


Our commitment  

Our commitment to clients goes beyond their expectations. We walk the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction for both products and services.

As users of ENROLpro we understand provider needs and software expectations at all levels.

As developers and owners of the software package we give full attention to detail to guarantee a product that is easy to use and operate.

Our help desk is attended directly by our friendly team of developers who are passionate about their product and commited to client satisfaction.

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