Some Testimonials...

"The Pacific International Hotel Management School has been dealing with Z&M Numerics for three years and has only but the highest regards for their service and support. Changes to reports, concept changes and significant alterations were made to EnrolPro, all well within our expected time frames and budget. The final solution meets the requirements of our unique circumstance. The assistance training and phone support is great.

Pihms is using EnrolPro as our student management system. We have now migrated all our historical data successfully and is using the system to record statistics, results and employment details. Thanks to Maria and Zoran for truly top end support.

PIHMS - The Pacific International Hotel Management School -
New Plymouth


"Z&M numerics have been an excellent support service for our Institute. Maria & colleagues from Z&M have also achieved high financial gain for our Institute regarding SDR processing on our behalf. Their customised ENROLpro software has also established confidence in our Institute's professional processes with TEC."


SAE Institute
Parnell - Auckland

"We have been using ENROLpro for our student management system for over 8 years at New Zealand Institute of Education. Our business has changed over this time and so has our needs. Z&M Numerics have provided us with the flexibility and accuracy that we have required every step of the way. We have recently moved to Remote Desktop Connections with web portal access. We have found the system to be working well and our sales and teaching teams have found the portal to be very user friendly. Thank you Maria and Zoran for your on-going support."


Takapuna Auckland - Manukau

"I have had the privilege of using EnrolPro and working with Z&M Numerics over the past 10 years. As the Principal at MSL Training, EnrolPro not only meets my expectations, but exceeds them.  Maria Benavides always responds to questions and assists no matter how "silly" the question may be.  This year, our staff are using the new Web Portal and Mobile access service and this has been successful.  Any customisation that we require, is done quickly and efficiently to make the system work for us, instead of us working for the system."



Gill Bunting-Gray, Executive Principal

"ENROLPro is a great product. Easy to install, use and maintain. This is exactly the type of Student Management System we were looking for to report to our stakeholders".

G&H Training -
 Napier - Hamilton - New Plymouth - Lower Hutt - Manukau - Palmerston North

“Elite has used Enrolpro for many years and we have always  been impressed by the availability and extensive knowledge of Maria. She has consistenly answered questions and given advice on everything to do with Enrolpro, the SDR and funding. We would not use another programme.

Elite International School of Beauty and Spa Therapies Ltd -
 Auckland NorthShore - Newmarket - Hamilton - Wellington

"South Seas has been using Enrolpro Classic since 2002. Enrolpro streamlines our enrolment and SDR reporting processes and if anything specific is required then Maria & her team have been able to accommodate these requirements".

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Z & M numerics, and their ENROLpro software, to any education provider when considering the purchase of a student management system. ENROLpro is constantly being upgraded with increasing sophisticated features.

Southseas Film and Television School

"...ENROLpro and its functions are perfect for the size of our training organisation. We recommend it to other training and education establishments."

Sobieski Consultants Training Division Ltd

"I think now that i am getting better with Enrolpro, things are ok.  When im not sure on something Maria is always there to lend a hand.  That really helps to know someone is always there to guide you through the steps

Te Wananga Takiura o Nga Kura Kaupapa Maori o Aotearoa -


"...We have found Z&M numerics Ltd. very proactive in meeting the needs of their customers and always available to improve the programme to be one step ahead. Their customer support is excellent especially during SDRs. We recommend this software and organisation to anyone in education sector or others.

Target Education
Manukau - Penrose - Henderson (Auckland)

We have been really impressed by the professionalism and co-operative nature of the back up help. It has been exceptional, any questions we have had have been answered promptly and efficiently. These people really know their stuff.

Vineyard College



Latest Survey  

Results from our latest Survey

Four main areas were tested from a scale 1 to 5, 1 being very poor and 5 being Excellent.

85% of providers have judged our support as being very good to excellent and 15% indicated the support is good.

There were zero answers below a ‘Good’ response.



We also requested input in Upgrades and Consultancy services. 77% of responses indicated that our ENROLpro Upgrades are very good to excellent. 23% indicated upgrades are good.

There were zero answers below a ‘Good’ response.

As for consultancy services for those who have used our bureau or have requested our input in areas outside the ENROLpro system, 84% of responses indicated that our services are very good to excellent and 16% indicated services are good.

There were zero answers below a ‘Good’ response.


We appreciate your input and will endeavour to provide you with our best possible service and products in years to come.

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